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Detoxification is the first process one must accomplish in order to get a successful recovery. This process will allow the patient to flush their bodies from any drugs they were abusing, and to start fresh. The brain can now rebalance its chemical concentrations, and allow the patient to achieve sobriety and stability. Fort Worth residents can rest assure Drug Rehab Centers Fort Worth offers exceptional service, with multiple treatment plans that are both effective and unique. Our staff will work with all patients to make sure they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. During the withdrawal period, we will ensure their safety and overall sense of stability is secure. It is our mission to make sure every client’s transition to a better life is as smooth as possible.


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It Starts with Detox

The detoxification process at Drug Rehab Centers Fort Worth is part of your treatment plan, taking anywhere from 5 to 10 days depending on how strong the withdrawal symptoms are. We do our best to make sure all our patients go through the process as freely as possible, with a specifically managed detox plan. We even have customized plans for both men and women.

After the detox, Fort Worth residents will be taken through our second phase of treatment, which includes varieties of therapy and counseling programs. Here the client with be able to participate in both group and individual therapy and will also learn helpful and sturdy ways to sustain their cravings, while building a strong network of support and guidance to a healthier life.


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